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Our basis has always been in technology. Ever since the first time we touched a keyboard and wrote our first "hello world" we've been fascinated by the endless possibilities that software has to offer.

We've seen platforms go from zero users to well over a million every month. We've seen businesses grow, and take on more and more tasks using our software. We've helped people do what they wanted to do and reach where they wanted to go. We still do.

And we are very proud of that.

Please feel free to contact us at any time. We love telling you about our projects.

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our weapons of mass creation


Amongst many custom solutions we've build for many clients over the years, below are a few of our solutions, to give you a reasonable idea of what it is we do.

Manage Training


Add and manage training locations, trainers and trainees. Manage trainees from enlisting to graduation or certification.

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Manage Models and Cases


Manage your model portfolio, assignments and job facilities, all in one place, anytime anywhere.

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Viewingdata Statistics


Manage television advertising and create value through the use of real, verifiable data. Show companies what your worth.

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Account Management


Our modular presentation system helps account managers represent their companies better.

Connect 100.000 people


Connecting more than a million people every month and provide them with the latest news and a date.

Finance but better


Replace all blue suits with technology and improve the results while doing so. Empowering people.