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Our basis has always been in technology. Ever since the first time we touched a keyboard and wrote our first "hello world" we've been fascinated by the endless possibilities that software has to offer.

We've seen platforms go from zero users to well over a million every month. We've seen businesses grow, and take on more and more tasks using our software. We've helped people do what they wanted to do and reach where they wanted to go. We still do.

And we are very proud of that.


Please feel free to contact us at any time. We love telling you about our projects.

Integrated Training Management System

To help pilots and their crew bring passengers and parcels safely from A to B, we need to help them keep up to date. That's exactly what the JAA TO (Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organisation) does. The JAA TO helps to make our world a little safer in the skies by providing the best possible training for pilots, flight crew and ground crew.


It's almost inconceivable that the way the number of impressions is measured hasn't changed since the early '60s! Impressions are still determined by a select group of selected households that actively have to press buttons on a device announcing they are watching. The number of button pushes is than multiplied by the statistical variation of the demography the button pusher came from... That seems really inaccurate, right?



WorkCity is currently being developed by NextGear Solutions. The idea comes from a highly respected and experienced job coach. In co-creation, we have established what is now to be known as WorkCity, a skillset test and matching machine. The basis of the idea is that by participating in our test, users will get better insights into their own unique skillset. This will give them a broader view of possible career options. In order to fasten this process, we have implemented a connection to the real world environment by matching vacancy spots to our users as well as an automated resume generator. These points, along with others, provide the user with more incentive to participate in our test and eventually apply for a new job!

First things first

What is a solution and what is software? When do we talk about a website and when do we have a web-based platform? What is a responsive site and what is an app? What types of apps are there? Which code language is the most suitable for your application? When is something stored in the cloud and how secure is this? What can I save and use on data and what not? How does a site become interactive? What makes a campaign effective? What does a customer journey look like? Which webshop application is the best?
All questions that we can answer. That is why we discuss which functionalities and expectations you have before working on a solution. Every web solution has its own characteristics. This is why a good analysis is important in advance. Expect nothing less from us

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