A new way of watching TV

for Digitex



The best way to promote your products? ... Television-advertising. It's a bit hard to imagine but the facts don't ly. TV-ads are still the best way to promote and get people to buy your products. The global spending on TV-ads is phenomenal and reaches far in the billions. Ad prices vary, based on the amount of viewers or "impacts" an ad is expected to get.

Considering this, it's almost inconceivable that the way the number of impressions are measured hasn't changed since the early 60's! Impressions are still determined by a select group of selected households that actively have to press buttons on a device announcing they are watching. The number of button pushes is than multiplied by the statistical variation of the demography the button pusher came from... That seems really inaccurate right?

That's what the people at our English client Digitex from London thought. They partnered with SKY to revolutionise the household impressions statistics and to bring the benefit of impact driven sales to smaller channels that were traditionally left out.

For them NXTGR Solutions built software that helps small channel owners and advertising agencies to plan, and determine pricing for ads and maximise impressions.

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