Integrated Training Management System

for JAA TO / Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organisation



Integrated Training Management System

The aviation industry is an ever changing environment, airplanes get bigger, rules and regulations change from day to day. We, as humans, are not naturally made to fly and we haven't been doing it for too long either. Therefore, it's normal that we are still, and always will be, learning.

To help pilots and their crew bring passengers and parcels safely from A to B, we need to help them keep up to date. That's exactly what the JAA TO (Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organisation) does. The JAA TO helps to make our world a little safer in the skies by providing the best possible training for pilots, flight crew and ground crew. Because the aviary world is ever changing and in high-pased fashion we built a JetSet software solution that surpasses every competitor in the field and enables the JAA TO to not only manage all of their trainers, courses and trainees but also their communication, marketing, planning and billing.

Because the concept of training is so universal, we've partnered with the JAA TO in bringing the solution we built for them to market and help other companies benefit from it.

We've called it ITMS. It stands for Integrated Training Management System. And it manages training. All of it.

ITMS Features

Exact Online integration

All debit and credit statements and financial reporting is directly exported to Exact Online.

Course Material Management

Manage not only courses, but also trainers and course materials.

Managed Access / Rights Management

Trainers can have direct access to areas they need to have access to.

The ITMS it is not only an excellent centralized system into which all our processes are integrated but also a fantastic managerial tool supporting our successful growing activities as Training Center of Excellence. We are therefore pleased to make this potent integrated training management system available, through Software Development Company NextGear BV, to training organisations committed to optimal efficient performance in delivering training courses ultimately based on high-quality international standards.
Paula Almeida

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